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18th and Vine Expanded Driving Tour

Created by Black Archives of Mid-America on March 7th 2023, 6:58:35 pm.

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In addition to visiting many of the same locations as the 18th and Vine Walking Tour, this expanded version includes locations and historical sites outside of the central 18th and Vine District. These sites include historic buildings such as the Bruce R. Watkins Funeral Home, the Sarah Rector mansion, and several historic churches, providing insight into the Black culture and history of Kansas City. Furthermore, this tour includes several of Kansas City's most renowned barbeque locations, giving visitors the opportunity to experience an authentic taste of the Kansas City barbeque tradition that originated in this area. As with the walking tour, this tour begins and concludes at the Black Archives of Mid-America, which includes several exhibits related to the history and accomplishments of people who lived and worked in this neighborhood.