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Michigan Sites of Revolution

Created by America250MI on June 14th 2023, 3:24:47 pm.

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Michigan’s people have struggled for liberty and freedom before, during, and after the revolution. This county’s founding document did not account for those enslaved individuals in the territory or the attempted removal and separation of indigenous people from their land. The American Revolution separated American government from Great Britain, but it created a legacy of division among the region’s populations and an ongoing discussion of the compromises made and injustices endured, to form a more perfect union and establish justice. Experience a Revolutionary War battle, discover some of our state's and nation's greatest natural wonders or relive some of sports' greatest moments. From U.S. presidents to leaders of the suffrage movement to innovators in industry, technology, and art, it all happened in Michigan. Historical research and entries created by college students across Michigan through a co-creation project.