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Norwegian-American Places in the Twin Cities

Created by Theodore Hoffman on January 16th 2024, 9:03:29 pm.

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A thematic tour of historic places in the Twin Cities established by Norwegian-American immigrants that have contributed to the surrounding culture and development of Norwegian-American society. While it's easy to think of Minnesota's Norwegian-American roots as arcane no longer relevant, there are actually many different benevolent institutions that continue to operate and invest in the Twin Cities and their citizens. Contrary to what some believe, Norwegian-American development, evolution, and relationships to the world beyond are as modern as it gets. More information can be found in David C. Mauk's "The Heart of the Heartland: Norwegian American Community in the Twin Cities," as well as within the archives at the Norwegian-American Historical Association, housed in Rølvaag Memorial Library on the St. Olaf College campus in Northfield, MN.