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18th & Vine: Jazz, Baseball, and the African American History of Kansas City, Missouri

Created by Public History (University of Central Missouri) on November 27th 2017, 8:22:28 am.

This very short walking tour includes monuments, museums, and landmarks of the beautiful and historic "Jazz District" centered around 18th and Vine in Kansas City, Missouri. The tour of the historic district includes landmarks like the Gem Theatre and the American Jazz Museum that preserve and celebrate the city's contribution to the most uniquely American art form. The tour includes landmarks related to the now world-famous Kansas City "sound" and the Blue Room where musicians perform nightly among artifacts related to jazz history. The tour also includes the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and a few sites related to the Kansas City Monarchs and other black institutions of the city during the first half of the 20th century. The tour concludes at the Black Archives of Kansas City which includes several exhibits related to the history and accomplishments of people who lived and worked in this neighborhood.