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Walking Tour of Sunnyside, Morgantown, WV

Created by Pamela Curtin on January 14th 2018, 9:15:39 am.

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Bound by Campus Drive to the south, 8th Street to the north, University Avenue to the east, and Beechurst Avenue to the west, Sunnyside lies to the north of WVU’s downtown campus. Although known in recent memory as a student rental neighborhood and popular party location, prior to the mid-twentieth century, Sunnyside was home to immigrants and multi-generational families, skilled and unskilled workers, professors and students. As a primarily working class neighborhood, Sunnyside provided affordable housing, proximity to one’s workplace, campus, and downtown Morgantown, and many social outlets for both permanent and transient populations. Since 2013, WVU's Local History Research Methods course has focused on researching, documenting, and interpreting Sunnyside history. This tour incorporates original student research on Sunnyside's cultural, social, and industrial history.