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Bloomington's Soldiers of All Wars Memorial Marker was funded by the local chapter of the Grand Army of the Republic--a fraternal order created by Union veterans after the Civil War--and dedicated in 1928. The monument was designed by George W. Bunting and carved by Henry McIlveen and Josef Graf. The monument contains a statue of a typical Civil War soldier atop a large pedestal with friezes on each of its four sides that depict scenes from the War With Mexico (1848), the Civil War 1861-1865), Spanish-American War (1898-1901), and World War I (1914-1918. Near this statue is a 816-pound cannon removed from the USS Phoenix in 1864.

  • This historic monument was built in 1928 to honor the remaining veterans of the Civil war from Indiana, as well as the veterans of other conflicts
  • Learn more about Indiana in the Civil War Era with this book from the Indiana Historical Society.
Brochure of the Monroe County Courthouse, History of Bloomington website