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Dedicated in 2003, the World Peace Rose Garden was created at the site of an existing rose garden to symbolize peace between nations, cultures, and religions. Located within the 40-acre California State Capitol Park, this Victorian-style garden contains over 650 roses representing more than 150 different varieties. In one section of the garden, near the Vietnam Memorial, the rose varieties have been given names that commemorate U.S. veterans of war and medals of honor. Near the garden's northeast corner, the Peace Pavilion provides space for public ceremonies and civic events. In 1986, the flower commonly known as the rose was designated as the national floral emblem and official flower of the United States.

California State Capitol Park World Peace Rose Garden (Sacramento)

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The World Peace Rose Garden is located within the 40-acre California State Capitol Park in downtown Sacramento. A decorative fountain is the centerpiece of the Victorian-style garden, with axial paths that extend outward from the center. Throughout the site, bronze plaques contain inspirational messages written by schoolchildren on the theme of world peace. In the southeast section of the garden, the All-American Rose Selections are on display for visitors to enjoy. These rose varieties are cultivated for characteristics such as scent, color, and hardiness. Visitors to the garden can preview the new varieties before they have been released and made available to the wider public. The World Peace Rose Garden is one of only a few gardens to exhibit the All-American Rose Selections in advance, and it is considered a high honor.

The non-profit organization, International World Peace Rose Gardens (IWPRG), was founded in Sacramento in 1988 by Sylvia Villalobos. Its mission is "to promote peace and harmony in the world through the creation of thoughtfully designed rose gardens that become centers of community action." Since the late 1980s, World Peace Rose Gardens have been established at various historic sites, including the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park in Atlanta, Georgia, where the "I Have A Dream" World Peace Rose Garden symbolizes peace through nonviolence. The Jinan-Sacramento Sister City World Peace Rose Garden in China replicates the rose garden from the California State Capitol Park, while incorporating elements of classical Chinese gardens and symbolizing peace for women, children and families. The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City contains a World Peace Rose Garden intended to represent friendship and diplomacy between the U.S. and Mexico.

Additionally, the International World Peace Rose Gardens organization fosters peace-building activities throughout the year, including art programs such as Flower Pots for Friendship, as well as community initiatives such as Freeze for Peace. Participants around the world are invited to pause what they are doing and "freeze for peace," taking a quiet moment to reflect on the ideal of world peace, while holding in mind a compassionate thought that contributes to this goal. This event is held each year on September 21st to correspond with the annual International Day of Peace, which is sponsored by the United Nations. Afterwards, short videos of the event are shared online to encourage people of all ages around the world to nurture the ideal of peace through community action.

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