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Walt Disney's Kansas City

Created by Nichole Stahly on June 11th 2018, 10:03:22 pm.

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This short, thematic driving tour explores notable locations related to Walt Disney's years in Kansas City and his early life as an animator before making it big in Hollywood. It includes his childhood home where he worked out of the garage, the company’s where he acquired his experience, and his first animation studio, Laugh-O-gram Films. Walt Disney first moved to Missouri with his family in 1906. After running a small farm near rural Marceline, in 1911 the Disney’s moved to Kansas City, where Walt found a love for cartooning. In the fall of 1919, just before his 18th birthday, Walt got his first job in the industry and spent the next two-and-a-half years gaining experience and advancing his skills. Then in May of 1922, he incorporated his first animation studio, Laugh-O-gram Films, which operated until he left for California in the summer of 1923. Walt Disney was not only a man with artistic talent, but was also innovative, a great businessman, and could recognize talent in others. When he started Laugh-O-gram Films, Disney recruited several men he had worked with at other art studios to come work with him. Once in California, many of them followed and went on to become some of the leading names in the Golden Age of Animation.