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Although this old home is now referenced as "Ochre Lodge" it was originally called the Julia B. Eldridge house. This cottage and a carriage house were built for Mrs. Eldridge in 1882. She was a widow to Thomas P. Eldridge, a dry-goods merchant from New York who passed at age 45. Ochre lodge is one of the several historic estates that have become a part of Salve Regina University's expanding campus.

Front Of Ochre Lodge

Front Of Ochre Lodge
Located right next to the Breakers, the Julia B Eldridge estate and carriage house was completed by architect Dudley Newton in 1883. Newton was a local of Newport who was famous for his stain glass windows, included balconies and various wood furnishings into his work which are shown on the house. Dudley Newton was responsible for one hundred of these structures in Newport alone. He commenced his office in 1866, and invented the "Newton roof" which sealed off gutters with a putty substance. Dying in 1907, he remained a prominent architect of the 19th century. 

The Styles embedded in this 19th century home included characteristics from colonial revival and Queen Anne styles.  Along with its alcoves, balconies, and verandas, the house's wooden shingles characterized the house as a "beach villa."  Materials like bluestone and granite were used on the lower stories of the house.  This house's exterior was known as one of Newton's best pieces of work.

Anita O'Keeffe Young (Sister of Georgia O'Keeffe) gave this estate to Salve Regina University after her death in 1966. The home is still currently in use as the multicultural house, living learning community for students who express and promote diversity among campus. 

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