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Walking tour of Downtown Latrobe, PA
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The Latrobe Railroad Station was built by architect William H. Brown for the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) in 1903. It is located at 329 McKinley Avenue. It served the mainline between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh for the Pennsylvania Railroad and currently serves as an Amtrak stop and an Italian restaurant.

  • Latrobe Railroad Station - now DiSalvo's Station Restaurant. Photo: Kevin Stewart.
The Latrobe Railroad Station was a late Victorian-era facility which served the former mainline between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh at a time when the western part of the line was being improved and required track elevation. The building was constructed with limestone and features a terracotta brick exterior with three doors in front. A one-story brick building, it is eight bays wide and five bays deep. There is a flat roof with a parapet and a central cross gable. The gable above the entrance has a pediment featuring stone panels and decorated using terra cotta.

It was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.

Today, Amtrak utilizes the station and operates two daily trains. Similar to many other Amtrak stations, there is no ticketing or baggage facility although the station does include a restaurant that serves local residents as well as passengers. 

The station is now the home of DiSalvo's Restaurant. It was opened in 1990 and is recognized for its Italian Cuisine.
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