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History in the Town of Parsons
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Darkish Knob is an imposing hill in Parsons, WV that many locals believe to be haunted by a young slave girl who fell to her demise here. During Civil War times, many runaway slaves traveled through what is now West Virginia on their way to find freedom. The Underground Railroad ran through Parsons, and a small hidden refuge was placed at the base of Darkish Knob. Supposedly, a young girl lost her way trying to find the hidden shelter and fell to her death on the rocks below. The Cheat River at the base of Darkish Knob washed her away, but locals still claim to hear her cries on the anniversary of her death.

  • Darkish Knob
  • Darkish Knob
    Before West Virginia was formed out of Virginia, the Underground Railroad ran through what is now Parsons, West Virginia. Runaway slaves would make their way north via some of the most rugged mountains in the state. One of those hills is called Darkish Knob, and it still looms large over the town of Parsons due to its rich history.

    During Civil War times, a small house was built into the base of Darkish Knob for runaway slaves to take refuge on their path to freedom. Legend has it, that one night a young girl was riding her horse along the rocky terrain trying to locate the house. She was being chased by slave owners and her horse, startled, lost its footing and flung her off its back and down the mountain to her death in the Cheat River below. 

Many residents in the years following the girl’s death, spoke of the Darkish Knob as a sinister and evil filled place. Several unafraid people who have explored the location have “sensed” a presence in the area of the steep overgrown pathway. The ghostly image of the unnamed young girl is said to return to the top of the hill every year on the eve of the date of her death. The ghostly moans and cries of the slave girl are audible for several minutes before a terrifying scream is heard as the moment of her death approaches.1
    To this day, Darkish Knob is rumored to be haunted by this girl who supposedly lets out loud moans and wails through the night, still trying to find that house. Darkish Knob is routinely listed as one of the most haunted locations in West Virginia, and ghost hunters come from across the country to try to catch a glimpse of the paranormal, much to the chagrin of the locals. 
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