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Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad

Created by Ohio History Service Corps on February 7th 2019, 8:07:32 am.

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The Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad was an early rail line that ran through Southeastern Ohio. The Eastern portion of the line connected Athens to Marietta. Though it passed through communities in Washington County like Vincent and Cutler, the route through the hills necessitated many tunnels, trestles and culverts and were expensive to maintain. The portion of the M&C line west of Athens also featured tunnels, but was generally straighter and easier to maintain. In 1874, after the Baltimore and Ohio gained control of the M&C, the company abandoned the old line from Marietta to Athens in favor of a shorter line from Belpre to Athens. The M&C line west of Athens remained in use until the 1980s. Today many impressive stone tunnels and culverts remain along the original M&C line.