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Kansas City Metro Area Pioneer Monuments
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Two sculptures by Mischell Riley -- one depicting a young Native American man, and the other a young pioneer woman -- stand in front of the Roger T. Sermon Community Center. Nearby, a pioneer cabin and historical marker mark the location of an old spring used by both indigenous peoples and settlers. A Trail of Death memorial commemorates the forced removal of the Potawatomi (Neshnabe) people to this area in 1838.

  • Stella at the Spring and Native American Boy
  • Stella
  • Young Native American
  • Pioneer Spring historical marker
  • pioneer cabin
  • Trail of Death memorial
  • Stella at the Spring and Young Native American marker

These two statues make up a bronze scene depicting a spring near a Native American trail used by both Native people and white settlers. "Stella at the Spring" depicts a young pioneer woman carrying a bucket. She looks toward "A Young Native American." He crouches on a rock overlooking the spring, extending his left hand. Both pieces sculpted by Mischell Riley. "A Young Native American" was dedicated in 2000. "Stella at the Spring" was dedicated in 2001. The scene was commissioned by the Advisory Committee of the Roger T. Sermon Fund for the Roger T. Sermon Community Center grounds.

Near this installation stand a pioneer cabin and a "Trail of Death" memorial marking the Potawatomi (Neshnabe) people from their homelands in northern Indiana to this area in 1838.