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Located inside the Union Plaza Transit Terminal is the historic Locomotive No. One, which was built in 1857. It is one of the oldest trains of the steam railroading era. The Breese, Kneeland & Company of Jersey City built it for the Milwaukee & Mississippi Railroad Company. There is a small visitor center with exhibits where people can view the locomotive and learn more information about it as well as the history of railroading in the West.

  • The historical marker is located outside on a column between two windows.
  • Built in 1857, Locomotive No. 1 is one of the few remaining of its kind.

The Breese, Kneeland & Company built Locomotive No. 1 using a design—which came to be known as an "Classic American" design—patented in 1836 by Henry Roe Campbell. It was first called No. 73 (this number still appears on it) and served the Milwaukee & Mississippi Railroad Company (which became the Milwaukee & Prairie du Chien Railway Company) for around thirty years in the upper Midwest region. The El Paso and Southwestern Railroad acquired it in 1889 and it served the company for over fifty years. At that point the company put on display at a park in 1909. In 1960, the University of Texas bought it and put it on display at the Centennial Museum. During the next several decades, Locomotive No. 1 deteriorated rapidly and was in need of serious repairs by the 1990s. Restoration was completed in 2003 and it was moved to Union Plaza.

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