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Buck's of Woodside has been coined the "Cheers" of Silicon Valley. It's known for its eccentric decor and quirky personality. Model airplanes are suspended from the ceiling, and a Statue of Liberty wearing a sombrero and Mona Lisa tie holds an ice cream cone aloft. But make no mistake: this restaurant's walls have heard the conversations of some of Silicon Valley's premier company leaders and entrepreneurs, such as Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning of Tesla Motors. In the words of Buck's owner Jamis MacNiven, "We're just a local joint...It's like Facebook with real faces."

Buck's of Woodside

Buck's of Woodside
The owner of Buck's of Woodside, Jamis MacNiven, is a jack of all trades. Prior to opening Buck's he was a general contractor for 15 years. "I built many of the saving and loan branches which had such a hard fall and later I remodeled some of those locations into restaurants and that’s how I got in this business. Some of the eateries I built include Prego, Ciao, MacArthur Park SF and The Hard Rock SF along with several dozen others in the early 80’s." - Jamis MacNiven

Buck's of Woodside is known for its "flapjacks and tomfoolery." Almost all Sillicon Valley leaders have eaten a Buck's at least one time. However, tech geniuses are not the only famous people to pop into Buck's, Mel Gibson is a frequent customer. Jamis MacNiven is privileged to meet all of his influential customers.
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