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The Point Cabin, like the Winter Cabin, is a tamarack log cabin built nearly 100 years ago. Once a guest cabin on the Isle of Pines, it now houses the permanent exhibit "Living in the Boundary Waters" which illustrates how Dorothy Molter lived at the pace of the seasons and embodied the spirit and inspiration of the Northwoods wilderness. It features a combination of objects and photographs from the museum’s collection and a 15-minute video compilation from the 1987 documentary film Dorothy Molter: Living in the Boundary Waters.

  • Point Cabin Entrance
  • Point Cabin in its original location
  • Winter Travel in Point Cabin
  • Soft Water Travel in Point Cabin
  • Point Cabin on Isle of Pines

Originally built in the early 1920s by Bill Berglund, the Point Cabin was initially a guest cabin as part of Berglund's Isle of Pines Fishing Resort. It was located on the eastern point of the largest of the group of three islands that made up the Isle of Pines and provided guests with a magnificent sunrise view over Knife Lake.

When the museum first opened, this cabin was a showcase for hundreds of collection items including Dorothy’s holiday lawn figures.

Today, this cabin houses the Living in the Boundary Waters Exhibit and features a 15-minute video documentary and accompanying interpretive panels detailing life off the grid at the pace of the changing seasons.

By combining objects from the museum’s collection – such as Dorothy’s 1957 Polaris snowmobile – with clips from the 1987 documentary film of the same name, the exhibit illustrates how Dorothy Molter embodied the spirit and inspiration of the northwoods wilderness.

The original paddles from the fence that Dorothy used to hem in flower gardens and provide railings for the footbridges connecting the three islands from the Isle of Pines Resort are displayed in the cabin’s rafters; these paddles display the names of those who visited Dorothy on Knife Lake. It became quite popular for groups to decorate broken canoe paddles and present them to Dorothy for her fences.

Dorothy Molter Museum Staff

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