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In the tradition of Millie Booth, the Four Mile Historic Park is still home to several beehives. The park’s five beehives are maintained through a partnership with the Butterfly Pavilion. They are behind the fence for their own safety as well as the safety of visitors. Visitors are asked to please stay off the fence and away from the hives.

Beekeepers wear special gear when harvesting the honey from the hives. This special gear, from hats to gloves, protects beekeepers from getting stung by the bees. Inside these hives are special frames that the bees build their honeycombs onto. Honey is still harvested from the frames much like in Millie Booth’s day.The frames are placed inside the centrifuge and spun, which separates the honey from the comb. While Four Mile doesn’t sell their honey, other locally-made honey is available for sale in the Four Mile gift shop. It is available in jars as well as in different flavors of honey sticks.

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