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Located in the historic French Quarter, the Irish Cultural Museum explores over 200 years of the people of Irish descent in New Orleans through interactive kiosks, exhibits, genealogy resources and an award-winning documentary. Cultural events are scheduled throughout the year.

Beginning in the 1700s New Orleans received thousands of Irish who made a treacherous journey from their distant homeland across the Atlantic. Here visitors can learn of the sacrifices and contributions these unsung heroes have made to this great city. Here visitors will meet the real "New Orleans Irish", and discover the significant influence these people and their tiny island nation has had on New Orleans today.

A visit to the Irish Cultural Museum of New Orleans provides a new perspective and appreciation for the history of this beautifully complex city. The museum tells the often untold history and stories of the ordinary Irish adventurers, soldiers, mercenaries, priests, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, public servants and others, who found there niche here.

From the appointment in 1769 of Irish military strategist Alexander O'Reilly as the second governor of Louisiana, to the thousands of Irish who perished digging the New Basin Canal, the Irish Cultural Museum of New Orleans traces the city's Irish Heritage through rarely seen archival maps, photographs, and newspaper articles.