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Now known as the Coliseum Civic Center, the historic Coliseum Theatre has been one of the primary entertainment venues in the city of Corinth since its construction in 1924. It originally hosted vaudeville acts and showed movies as well. The two-story building features a Flemish bond masonry exterior and arched windows and entryways. The Corinth Area Arts Council manages it and it is home to the Corinth Symphony Orchestra.

The historic Coliseum Theatre was built in 1924 by local theater operator Benjamin F. Liddon.

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Local architect and builder Benjamin Franklin Liddon designed the theater (and other buildings in the city) in the classical architectural style, which is somewhat rare in the region. Liddon operated this and a number of other theaters in the state, opening the first one in 1913. The Coliseum was the largest theater in North Mississippi when it was built. Inside, it features an elaborate interior with plaster and white marble. Interestingly, Liddon installed 999 seats to prevent having to pay movie royalties for theaters with 1,000 seats. He later installed the first air conditioning system in the city in 1932. In these early years, a number famous entertainers and musicians performed at the theater. The Liddon family owned it until 1977. In the 1980s, the theater was restored. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places 1980.

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