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Constructed in 1908 and originally operated as a federal building, City Hall is one of the more impressive landmarks in Biloxi. In terms of design, it is a monumental and excellent example of Neoclassical architecture. It features a striking facade of gray Italian marble, a loggia (a covered walkway) with arches that support a large portico with Corinthian and square columns, full-length windows on the second floor with pediments, circular windows with keystones, and palladian windows. The building became City Hall in 1960.

An outstanding example of Neoclassical architecture, Biloxi City Hall was built in 1908 and originally functioned as a federal building until 1960.

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The predecessor to the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce, the Commercial Club, spearheaded the effort to convince the federal government to build a U.S. Post Office, Court House, and Custom House in Biloxi. Its efforts paid off. In February 1902 the Club received a letter from a Congressman confirming that the project was moving forward. However, it took until 1905 for the construction to start and various problems (supply issues, hurricanes, poor subcontractors, and a yellow fever epidemic) delayed its completion until August 1908. The building was well constructed using a steel and brick. The marble facade, which weighs 1,200 tons, is attached to the brick walls with iron clamps.

The federal government planned to demolish the building in the 1950s when it built a new facility. However, the city and the federal government made a deal to save the old building. The city agreed to donate land for the new facility in exchange for the federal building, which became City Hall. Hurricanes didn't damage it until 1985 when the roof was destroyed. Hurricane Katrina damaged the roof again and the water level reached the top of the steps. The building was refurbished in 2010. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

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