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Today Logan Circle is a bustling hub whose historic architecture, large park, and colorful homes attract a diverse array of residents. It was much the same in 1920 when Edward Brandstatter, a chauffeur and gardener for the Heurich family, called it home from his address at 1309 P Street NW.

William Bender, who was mentioned in a pervious entry, standing next to the Heurich family car which Edward would have driven as a chauffeur.

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Edward was also listed as a gardener for the Heurichs. This is what the Heurich house gardens look like today.

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Logan Circle in the 1930's, around the time Edward lived there.

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After the Civil War Logan Circle became a hub for a large community of free African Americans, as segregation prevented them from living in other areas of the city. While America entered the gilded age of the 1880s, DC started transforming into the urban center we recognize today. Immigrants began moving into the neighborhood in the 1920s, and the Jewish Community Center opened at Q and 16th streets in 1926. 

Edward Brandstatter settled in Logan Circle in the 1920s as well. While we know that he was a trusted employee of the Heurichs, working there for over ten years, we do not know much about his life outside of work. How did he fit into the Logan Circle community?

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