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For decades, Clarksburg was the transportation hub of northern and western Virginia and later, of West Virginia. The first locomotive arrived in Clarksburg in 1856, heralding almost a century of constant expansion. By the early twentieth century, the main Clarksburg station was operating twenty-four hours a day. Prominent local figure Nathan Goff was instrumental in expanding rail operations in Clarksburg. This exhibit serves as a historical reconstruction of how Clarksburg would have looked during the heyday of rail travel. In this entry’s audio clip, railroad enthusiast and display creator Pete Secret shares some history and information about trains in Clarksburg. Be sure to also see the nearby display case with information about Clarksburg’s trolleys.

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Personal interview with Michael Spatafore, museum president. Conducted by Iain MacKay. March 2nd, 2021. 

Personal interview with Pete Secret. Conducted by Iain MacKay. March 2nd, 2021.

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