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This stately home was built by prominent local businessman and physician Dr. Samuel Marshall Orr in 1885. Orr worked as a doctor for 25 years and was also deeply involved in the city's development, serving in a number of civic and industrial roles. He was also one of the sons of Governor James L. Orr. The house itself is a fine example of Greek Revival architecture. Notable features include the large portico with fluted columns supporting a pediment and piazzas that extend halfway along the sides. The house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is currently the location of the Anderson County Women's Club.

The Dr. Samuel Marshall Orr House built this historic home in 1885. Orr was a well-known doctor in South Carolina and, through his business and civic activities, contributed to Anderson's growth.

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Dr. Samuel Marshall Orr was born in Anderson on June 5, 1855. He was educated at private schools, including King's Mountain Military School, and studied medicine for a time under a physician named Dr. W.H. Nardin here in Anderson. He then attended Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and graduated in 1879. Orr returned to Anderson where he remained for the rest of his life. He earned a good reputation as a physician and the governor appointed him as a member of the state's first Board of Medical Examiners. Orr was also a president of the Anderson County Medical Society, vice president of the State Medical Society, and a surgeon for two railroad companies.

As noted above, Orr was active in a variety of business and civic activities as well. He was the director of the first building and loan association in the city, served as president and treasurer of Orr Cotton Mills (he took over this role after one of his brothers died in 1905) and the Anderson Light and Power Company, and vice president of the Farmers and Merchants Bank. Under his leadership of the Anderson Light and Power Company, electricity service expanded, which contributed to the growth of the textile industry in the city. Orr was also one of the original trustees of the Anderson graded schools and was a vestryman of the Episcopal Church.

The house is a smaller replica of his father's governor's mansion, which was also located in Anderson but was torn down in 1959. James L. Orr served in the U.S House of Representatives and was Speaker of the House from 1857-1859 before becoming governor in 1865. Samuel Orr was married and had four children, two sons, and two daughters. The Orr family owned the house at least through the early 1970s and the property is now home to the Anderson County Women's Club and available for special event rentals.

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