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In 1910 H.F. Eames built the log home on land that was part of his estate. It was later sold to August Paschke in 1942 and remained in their family for 34 years.

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It was sold to Robert Costa in 1976

and then to Robert Serge and

Nancy Goodman in 1984.

In 1993 Kathleen (Gleason) Mand Beck purchased the historic log home.

Siding and wall materials were removed to expose the original log

structure. She made it into the Dovetail Gallery, named

for the dovetail log construction.

It’s now Ginnie’s Cappaert’s. A log in one of the walls is supposed to have

been salvaged from the 1871 Peshtigo Fire, the most

devastating fire in U.S. History. Peshtigo is located 18

miles directly across the bay. The fire consumed 1.5

million acres of forest and over 2500 lives.