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This is a mural at 2301 Metropolitan Avenue in the Argentine neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas. It was completed by Kansas City muralist Jose Faus in 2010. Faus depicts the diverse peoples of the area and their labor to create a community that their descendants would later enjoy. The mural shows the children harvesting, planting seeds with their elders, fishing and living off the land, and finally there is fish and apple pie served at the table.

Children Harvesting

Vertebrate, Art paint, Paint, Azure

Children Planting Flowers

Plant, Vertebrate, Blue, Azure

Children Planting Seeds of Change

Green, Blue, Azure, Textile

Older Children Fishing

Blue, Azure, Paint, Organism

Catching Fish

Azure, Blue, Paint, Graffiti

Children Enjoying the Fruits of their Ancestor's Labor

Paint, Azure, Graffiti, Artist

Final Cornucopia

Art paint, Azure, Paint, Textile

Bountiful Feast

Window, Paint, Azure, Graffiti

Here we see three seasons represented: summer, spring, and fall. Besides a seasonal theme, others include: harvest, hummingbirds, and the environment. Faus stated that the harvest mural depicts continuous acts. He envisioned the field where everything is developed and shows children at the start of the scene and the joyful children at the end of the scene as they celebrate the seeds sown by their ancestors. This mural took Faus about 2 months to complete. He had the assistance of the neighborhood children to help him pain the mural. The children that lived in the apartment complex in which the mural is painted, wanted to do something to help him create something colorful in their backyard. Unfortunately, Faus and the children were not able to complete the mural with the winter season depicted, due to unforeseen circumstances that resulting from gatekeeping.