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The Wallace District Mining Museum has set the goal of both entertaining and educating the public regarding the rich mining history of the “silver valley.” Located in historic Wallace, Idaho, the museum offers numerous exhibits that display original mining equipment, most within a mock timber mine. It also contains a large archival repository and offers both free and paid research opportunities.

  • Exterior of the Wallace District Mining Museum.
  • Timbering exhibit located within the museum.
  • Recruiting poster displaying hourly pay for various mining jobs.

Boasting tunneling, early mining, surface transportation, rock bolting, and aerial tramway exhibits, among others, the museum conveys the history of mining in the area from the days of the earliest gold rush to the continuing silver mining efforts.  Shoshone County has produced over 1.2 billion ounces of silver since 1884, making Wallace the self-proclaimed “Silver Capital of the World,” and the town has had several of its blocks added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

The museum also contains a three dimensional model of the Sunshine Mine, which was the largest silver mine on the globe.  It also offers a documentary mining video, visitor information services, a gift shop that sells jewelry, books and other mining related items, and a free public research kiosk.  Data “miners” will also conduct paid research on visitor’s behalf for $30 per hour.  Their research includes, but is not limited to genealogies, the history of district mines and local rail road and transportation history.    

The museum is open year round, but the days and hours vary throughout the year, so please call ahead to check its hours of operation.