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The Georgia Railroad Freight Depot is one of the oldest buildings in downtown Atlanta. Construction of the facility was completed in April 1869 and the site quickly became one of the most important stops along the Georgia Railroad line. The depot was the tallest building in Atlanta at the time of its construction but was reduced to one story following a fire in 1935. The structure was renovated in 1981 by the Georgia Building Authority and opened for public use shortly thereafter. Much of the original brickwork and freight bays were preserved during the renovation. The depot can be rented for large gatherings such as weddings and other events.

  • Georgia Railroad Freight Depot
  • Historical Marker
  • Freight Room, Georgia Railroad Freight Depot
  • Georgia Railroad Freight Depot
  • Upper floors and cupola of Georgia Railroad Freight Depot, pre- 1935 fire.
The original depot rose to three stories on one end (for office space), which was topped by a cupola and also featured a second-story balcony. The Georgia Railroad was chartered in 1833 and completed a railroad line from August to what is now Atlanta in 1869 (Atlanta was first called Marthasville).

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