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Attached to McMurran Hall, Reynolds was built though the fund-raising efforts of Townspeople in 1889. Katherine Reynolds, wife of the town's long time doctor, John Reynolds, led the campaign. Completed in 1889, the building contained an auditorium and a stage. In 1912, the town placed the building at the disposal of the growing college, and in 1929 it was named in Mrs. Reynolds' honor. Still used by Shepherd University, it also remains available for town meetings and entertainment.

Reynolds Hall

Reynolds Hall

Reynolds Hall from the Shepherds University Historic Walking Tour

Reynolds Hall
from the Shepherds University Historic Walking Tour

The town raised the funds to construct Reynolds Hall, and used the building as a town hall from 1897 to the mid-1910s. Reynolds Hall was also used by the University for commencement, indoor games, receptions, musicals, lectures, and chapel services until the late1930s.

The building underwent a major renovation in 1949. This renovation was so extensive that none of the original structure in present today, the stage was enlarged and the building’s entrance was reconstructed. A technical booth was added and the floor sloped. The lighting was changed, recessed lighting was installed in the ceiling and theater lights on the walls. Reynolds was still used for plays, assemblies, and lectures, but now it is also used for movies. The Hall is used for the Performing Arts Series at Shepherd (PASS) and the Reynolds Hall Recital Series.

The building was known as “Shepherd College Hall” until 1929, when the College renamed the building “Reynolds Hall” in honor of Mrs. Kate Reynolds. 

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