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On February 27, 1919 a massive fire destroyed the original building of the Cortland Normal School. Built on this location between Church and Greenbush Streets in 1868, the school trained teachers that served students throughout New York state. All traces of the original building have been lost, and SUNY Cortland--the institution that evolved out of the Cortland Normal School--rebuilt its campus on a hill west of the city. To remember the original building and the fire that destroyed it, students built digital public history exhibits (links below).

  • Cortland Normal School (courtesy of the SUNY Cortland College Archive)
  • Cortland Normal School--During the 1919 Fire (courtesy of the SUNY Cortland College Archive)

Explore 5 digital public history exhibits about the 1919 fire, created by 15 students in "Introduction to Digital Humanities" during the spring 2018 semester at SUNY Cortland with Evan Faulkenbury.

SUNY Cortland College Archive

Cortland Standard