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The initial meeting site for Macedonia was the home place of Mr. Joe Rice near Avalon. After worshipping for a few months, the services were moved to Stebbons School House near Horsehead, Virginia. Many of the members were original members of the First Baptist Church, Heathsville. Robert Walter, Lovey Walker, Armstead Nickens, Ellen Nickens, Robert Laws, Louisa Laws, Edward Nickens, David Jackson, Alonza Nickens, Rev. Robert D. Haynie and his wife Lucy were a few of the original members of Macedonia. On May 29, 1880, Macedonia was organized as the New School Baptist Church. After a few years, the membership secured a location to worship. In September of that same year, the church officially adopted Macedonia Baptist Church as its name. In January 1882, the church solicited donations to build its first building for the sum of $95.00 by Rev. Robert Haynie. Despite the fact the initial structure was only 24’X32’X 12’; the small church began to grow. Rev. Robert Haynie served as the spiritual advisor until September 7, 1887. Rev. John R. Walker was elected as the first pastor of the church. He served faithfully for ten years. In May of 1897, Rev. John Alonzo Walker was elected as the second pastor. He was the son of Rev. John R. Walker. During his administration he encouraged the members to build a better edifice. They were not financially strong but by the grace of God a new building was dedicated in October 1909. In the 137 year history of Macedonia, we have had sixteen pastors: Rev. John R. Walker, Rev. John A. Walker, Rev. J. W. Tymes, Rev. S. Adolphus Thomas, Rev. William R. Johnson, Rev. J. W. Hoffman, and Rev. I. T. Bradley, Rev. G. A. Langhorne, Rev. Gary Green, Rev. Matthew L. Jones, Rev. Vincent L. Thomas, Rev. Jerry D. Lewis, Rev. D. Keith Kearse and Rev. Lewis W. Jackson, Rev. Kenneth E. Rioland, Jr. and Rev. Cynthia J. Rioland, and Rev. Linwood T. Blizzard, II.

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