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Evansdale Library is located on the Evansdale campus of West Virginia University. It is currently located next to the Agricultural Sciences building. The library was built with the purpose of supporting the academic research and programs specific to Evansdale campus. It contains resources centered on agricultural disciplines, computer science, education, engineering, landscape architecture, art, forestry, music, theater, physical education, and mineral resources.

  • WVU Evansdale Library, located on Evansdale campus
  • Evansdale Library's Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC)
  • 2018 CESTA members pose with their completed installation, "Cytochrome C" in Evansdale Library
  • Untitled painting by Amy Schissel on the second floor of Evansdale Library
The first iteration of a library on the Evansdale campus was opened on the second floor of the engineering building in 1961. After the transfer of all engineering and agricultural library materials from the Main Library to this new facility, there was not enough space to store all of the library's collection. This lack of space became even more apparent with the growth of enrollment and graduate programs and the resulting student population boom. 

A new, separate library was planned to serve Evansdale campus. The initial plans included three floors with the option of adding an additional two floors when needed. Floor space of 62,000 square feet would provide seating for approximately 550 students and hold around 300,000 volumes. The new library was to house the Agricultural/Engineering Library, Education, and Physical Education materials. 

Groundbreaking for the Evansdale Library occurred on July 7, 1978. There were several construction problems and delays before the library finally opened to the public on November 19, 1980. The final cost of the facility was $3,601,800. Books were transferred from the Agricultural/Engineering and Main libraries until January 15, 1981. Evansdale Library provided students with access to new services including online literature searching and bibliographic instruction.   

On December 2, 1991, Evansdale Library was designated a U.S. Patent and Trademark Depository Library. This entails that the library receives current copies of U.S. Plant Patents and provides access to USPTO patent and trademark databases. All the tools needed to carry out a preliminary patent or trademark search are available in the library. Evansdale Library is the only Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) in West Virginia. 

The Evansdale Library currently houses a painting by Amy Schissel. Schissel is a Canadian artist and an assistant professor who teaches painting at WVU's School of Art & Design. The painting is acrylic on canvas and emphasizes Schissel's self-described style of “imaginative reinventions of our contemporary landscape." 

Since July 2017, WVU's CESTA (Community Engangement in Science Through Art) program members have displayed their completed interactive science-art installations in the Evansdale Library. The projects have included 2017's "Object D4h," a rotating sculpture exploring molecular symmetry and 2018's "Cytochrome C," a sculpture inspired by the protein's role in the biological electron transport chain across all kingdoms of life.
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