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841 N 5th Avenue - formerly Church & Bradley This corner (currently N. 5th & Delaware) is a part of a 22 acre section of land that was owned by Zelo “Edward” and his wife Dora M Birmingham in the late 1800s. Ed was a well driller who subdivided the property. This corner lot was first sold to Lyon Brothers & Co. in 1898 who owned it for a short time. They built the grain elevator at the west end of the bridge in 1893, later the Fuller Goodman Grain Elevator and farm produce warehouse. Since then the property has had many owners. It is not known when this or any previous house was built, though Ed Birmingham and family lived somewhere nearby. In the late 1800s, Bradley Street had been Second Street.

This site is part of the Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin sidewalk stones project of Ginny Haen, Assistant Curator, Door County Historical Museum.1

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