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Fort Collins Brewery was founded in 1992 and originally named H.C. Berger Brewery. The brewery was originally owned by Sandy and Karen Jones. Four years later, in 1996, the Joneses sold the brewery. For the next 6 years, the brewery went through a string of new owners until being purchased in 2004 by Tom and Jan Peters. Although it had started as a lager house, the brewery eventually added other beers styles such as ales. In 2010, the brewery expanded considerably, including moving to a 50-barrel brew house space and adding a restaurant called Gravity 1020. The brewery prospered for a few more years including adding a new beer lineup and a canning line. At its peak, the beer shipped to 17 states and employed 50 people. In 2017, the brewery sold yet again to Red Truck Beer Co. its current owners. Red Truck, founded in 2005 and based out of Vancouver, Canada, recognized that Fort Collins was the “epicenter” of craft brewing and therefore there was a market for them within the city.

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