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Horse & Dragon is one of the more recent additions to Fort Collin's craft brewery scene.

Horse & Dragon Brewing Company

Horse & Dragon Brewing Company
Opened in 2014, Horse & Dragon Brewing Company is one of the more recent craft breweries to open up in Fort Collins. Started by husband and wife team Tim & Carol Cochran, Horse & Dragon was born out of their combined passion for craft beer. On their honeymoon in Napa Valley, CA, the newly weds went to a brewpub for dinner every night instead of the more popular wineries around that area. Tim also home-brewed and has worked in the beer industry extensively throughout his professional career before they decided to make a run for it on their own. 

One of the most stand out features of Horse & Dragon is how they have taken an initiative to promote women through brewing (historically a male-dominated profession). When first organizing their brewery in 2013, the Cochrans decided to go with ex-Odell brewer 
Linsey Cornish as their first head brewer. Also, one of their most talked about small batch beers is the caramel ice cream beer they brewed for Temple Grandin, CSU professor, livestock expert, and Autism advocate. Likewise, half of Horse & Dragon's employees today are also women. To them, beer is simply for everyone. 

You can visit Horse & Dragon Brewing Company any day of the week from 12-6pm.
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