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The Metz house was built by Edward Metz as a present for his wife. It was made out of victorian scale siding. He had built the home in 1883. The Metz house is one of the oldest homes in Sherman.

  Established in 1883, the historic home was built by Edward Metz. He had built the house with Victorian scale siding, as a present for his wife, Lillian Metz. Edward Metz moved to Texas with his brother at a young age. They had started a leather business in the 1870, they had built a trade, buying buffalo and many furs from different Indian tribes. They would then sell it all across the eastern markets. Edward was the one who helped keep the peace between Oklahoma and settlers in Grayson county.


  Edward had stayed with his brother, Charles before building the home in 1883. The home is a two- story house with a description of a green color with a blue outlying window frames. It has a wooden door with a see-through window on it. There was no way of finding how many bedrooms it had but by the looks of it, it had about 2 or 3. It has a total of 3,133 sqft.


  After the home was up for sale. A physician named Dr. J. D. Meadow lived in the home from 1909 to 1939. It had been abandoned from 1939 to 1975, until a man named Byron Rice restored it in 1975-1976. Only two owners have ever lived in the home. It’s been vacant for a while.


  The Metz home is one of oldest homes in Sherman being originally built in 1883.The home is not for sale and is not owned by anyone as of right now. It’s a vacant home and is only used for an historic landmark. You can tell by the fascinated frame work and the color scheme that is was a beautiful home at its prime.

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