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During the Huntsville Civil Rights Movement, the house at 101 Whitney Avenue in the Edmonton Heights neighborhood belonged to Reverend Ezekiel Bell. Rev. Bell was the pastor at Fellowship Presbyterian Church. He was also the chair of the Community Service Committee (CSC). The CSC was a group of local civil rights leaders including Bell, DR. Sonnie Hereford II, and Dr. John Cashin. The group was pivotal in bringing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to speak in Huntsville on March 19, 1962. King spoke at two locations before spending the night at Rev. Bell’s residence on Whitney Ave. Dr. King was also accompanied by Reverend Ralph Abernathy.

Rev. Bell and his family at their home at 101 Whitney Ave.

Rev. Bell and his family at their home at 101 Whitney Ave.

"The house at 101 Whitney Ave. is among Huntsville's strongest connections to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.," Mike Marshall for, 

In The Shadows of Birmingham: The 1962-1963 Huntsville Civil Rights Movement,  J.Brandon Curnel, 2016.

Huntsville Revisited,

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