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Wheeling Park

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The Sonneborn Gates are an architecturally striking welcome to Wheeling Park. The mirrored structure is made of limestone and wrought iron and was completed in 1928. Prior to the completion of this gate, Wheeling Park was fronted by a simple wooden hut under Thomas Hornbrook's ownership, followed by a much grander arch when the area was an amusement park. The road passes through the center of the Sonneborn Gates, while small arches on the side allow for pedestrian access. Though artfully executed, the gates are not gaudy or overwhelming and match the general scale of the park’s human-made elements. The name of the structure comes from Moses Sonneborn, who established The Hub department store, and was one of Wheeling’s most famous businessmen. When the city of Wheeling purchased Wheeling Park in 1924, they solicited prominent citizens to fund facilities in the park. Moses Sonneborn supported the construction of these gates. The Sonneborn Shelter is not named after Moses Sonneborn, but after his son, Charles.

The park's entrance in the 1890s, under Thomas Hornbrook's ownership.

Photograph, Black, Line, Adaptation

Wheeling Park’s entrance as an amusement park, ca. 1909.

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Portrait and some information about Moses Sonneborn.

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Short biography of Moses Sonneborn from Progressive West Virginians, 1923.

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The Sonneborn Gates.

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