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Wheeling Park

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The Sonneborn Shelter is the centerpiece and oldest structure of Wheeling Park’s Hilltop Area. The picnic pavilion was built in 1973 using laminated wood and antique bricks, in order to match the W.E. Stone Memorial Clubhouse and Pool. Between 1973 and 1984, six tennis courts and a shelter were also added nearby. Finally, soccer fields were added to the area in the late 1980s, rounding out the Hilltop Area’s development. The Sonneborn Shelter is named for Charles Sonneborn, a Wheeling businessman and real estate developer. Sonneborn and associate Louis Haller purchased the land Wheeling Park now occupies in 1924. Though the two men initially planned on selling the site in plots for residential construction, they instead offered to sell it to the city of Wheeling if $350,000 could be raised. Wheeling was able to raise the funds and Sonneborn’s offer is memorialized by the Sonneborn Shelter. The Sonneborn Gates at the entrance to the park are not named after Charles Sonneborn, but after his father, Moses.

The Sonneborn Shelter.

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