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Tour of Maryhill, Glasgow: Stories from people

Created by Unesco Rila on September 12th 2020, 9:03:19 am.

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This tour will show you Maryhill through the eyes of the local New Scots. Maryhill is one of the main dispersal areas for people seeking asylum and refuge in Glasgow. For many years, people from all over the world settled in Maryhill; It is part of the wider Glasgow community and many New Scots call Maryhill their home. Since 2001, Maryhill Integration Network (MIN) has been bringing diverse communities together through art, social, cultural, and various other amazing projects. MIN understands that integration is not possible by working with only one particular group within the community and so encourages participation from people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities living within Greater Maryhill, the North West area of Glasgow and beyond. The images and stories in this tour come from MIN members who have lived in Maryhill for 2-6 years. This tour is presented as part of a series of three tours, the Warm Welcome Walks 2020, organised by the UNESCO Chair in Refugee Integration through Languages and the Arts at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. For more information on the other walks, please visit