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Scotstoun Heritage Trail - eastern loop
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The avenues of Scotstoun Conservation area were built between the end of 19C and 1912 starting at Lennox Avenue from the eastern end, Vancouver Road, Duncan Avenue, Ormiston Avenue, Dunglass Avenue, and lastly Verona Avenue at the western end. The western side of Queen Victoria Drive are also part of the conservation area. Going from North to South - Danes Drive, Norse Road, Earlbank Avenue and Dumbarton Rd The last houses in the conservation area are situated across Danes Drive on Northland Drive and Upland Road (terraced houses only) Names of some of the avenues changed between 1913 and 1933 but at the ends of terraces the original names of the ‘cottages’ are discernible. On the stonework of the Earlbank Avenue terraces you may see ‘Camperdown Cottages’ on the south side terraces but ‘Howe Cottages’ on the north side terraces. The streets and houses at the western end of this area were last to be built and have fewer embellishments to the stonework. A noticeable element of this is in the terrace names: as you walk along the north side of Norse Road there are no terrace end names in the stonework but on the south side of the same street ‘Oscar Cottages’ appears at the ends of terraces. Similarly the avenues running from Dumbarton Road to Danes Drive are distinguished as ‘Darnley Cottages’, ‘Moray Cottages’ and ‘Haldane Cottages’ only as you move towards the eastern boundaries of the conservation area.