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Community and Culture in the New River Gorge

Created by Iain MacKay on June 21st 2021, 7:06:29 pm.

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For many, the New River Gorge is synonymous with twentieth century industry and many interpretations of the area reflect this through statistics and broad overviews of economic factors. While it is true that industry is a crucial component to understanding the area, the gorge’s legacy and culture is richer than detached numbers. In this tour, sites of grief such as cemeteries, hospitals, and mine disaster memorials, are juxtaposed with sites of joy, such as summer camps, schools, and leisure palaces. Though the dates and kinds of tours in this entry are diverse, the entries all contribute to a robust understanding of life in the New River Gorge, which is characterized by the experiences of individuals and communities far beyond how they directly relate or contribute to labor and industry.