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This log cabin dates to the early 1800s and is covered with wide board and batten. The lot is part of an early survey by John G. McClannahan. As the house evolved, one can see various stylistic elements, including Federal, Greek Revival, and Victorian.

Welch House, 2018.

Welch House, 2018.
Among the earliest residents of the house, were Thomas and Phoebe Welch. Thomas Welch (1795-1854), known as "Old Tommie" was a carpenter. His carpenter shop adjacent to the house was burned by Federal troops during the Civil War. Phoebe Welch (1799-1882) became a weaver after her husband died to support her family. The Welchs had twelve children: ten daughters and two sons.

The house was later occupied by William Cowan and Virginia Samuel Woodson. William Woodson (1818-1886) was sheriff, Clerk of the Court of Appeals, and Clerk of the Circuit Court of Greenbrier County. He was a stepbrother of General "Stonewall" Jackson.  Virginia Woodson (1827-1886) was,  at age 91 when she died,  the oldest resident of Lewisburg.
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