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John and Mary Beard Spotts purchased Lot 15 in 1831 and built this brick home soon thereafter. The Reverend Spotts was a teacher for Dr. John McElhenney at Lewisburg Academy. This house at one time was said to have housed the largest theological library west of the Allegheny Mountains.

Rev. Sports House, 2018.

Rev. Sports House, 2018.
The Rev. John Spotts (1784-1838) converted from Presbyterianism and was ordained at Big Levels Church (now Mt. Tabor Baptist Church) on May 5, 1832.  In 1835, he "...emancipated and set free my negro woman Rachel (alias Rachel Hill) aged about twenty two years and her infant son Norman aged about two years and six months."

Following the Spotts family in 1873, this home was occupied by William Henry and Nancy Pare Johnson and their twelve children. Johnson was a tailor and merchant and served as a private in the Confederate Army.
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