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A memorial dedicated to the Armed forces of the Korean and Vietnam War. This marker is at the intersection of Legislative Avenue and Loockerman Street on Legislative Avenue in Dover, Delaware. In honor of the fallen, but not forgotten and all armed forces who serve the United States of America

  • Armed Forces Memorial
  • Delaware Veterans at armed forces memorial
       This Armed Forces marker is a patriotic memorial dedicated to those fall in service during the Korean and Vietnam war. "The Fallen but not forgotten" of honored here in Dover, Delaware making this a historic sight in military history. The Monument close to the Delaware public library and public archives. 
       Those named in Monument are "Korean War Clifton E. Brooks – PFC U.S. Army • Samuel L. Crawford – PFC U.S. Army • Paul N. Dill – Cpt U.S. Army • Joseph P. Donahue – PFC U.S. Army • Richard D. Hutchinson – PFC U.S. Army • William S. Kempen, Jr – ILT U.S. Army • Laurence C. Layton – ILT U.S. Air Force • Thomas C. Mays – Cpl US Marine Corps • James P. Pernell – Cpl US Army • Paul E. Robertson – PFC US Army • Irvin M. Tindall – Capt US Air Force • Charles F. Wright – Capt US Air Force
Vietnam War 

Leonard A. Bird – ILT US Marine Corps • Gene K. Hess – SSGT US Air Force • Larry F. Potts – Cpt US Marine Corps • Edward A Willing – Cpl US Marine Corps • John M. Martin – LtCol US Air Force • William L. Nellans – Maj US Air Forces"(1) (1)