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The Methuen Company once owned this area of Hampshire street, providing goods and services to the thriving mill town.

The land and most of the buildings along the south side of Hampshire Street between Broadway and Lowell Street were owned by the Methuen Company during the latter half of the 19th century. According to the Methuen Transcript, the small store at 4-6 Hampshire Street was built by the Methuen Company in 1885. It was described as being one story with a basement, 30' x 35', and the "handsomest store in Methuen." It was constructed by W. J. Nichols and painted by D. C. Rollins. Its first occupant was Silas Holman who sold dry and fancy goods. Holman, who occupied both sides of the store, was still in business at that site in 1901/2. In 1932, it housed a First National Store, and a Tailor Shop. - Description courtesy of Dan Gagnon, historian.