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Walking Tour of San Marcos - Historic Guadalupe Street
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One of the most iconic and historic buildings in San Marcos, the "Old State Bank" building was constructed in 1891. The Newton Gang robbed the bank in 1924, a heist that included setting dynamite charges around the vault. The bank was also used for the 1970 Hollywood movie "The Getaway," starring Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw. The building now holds a themed restaurant on the first floor that incorporates the old vault and teller cages. The second story is home to loft apartments.

  • While some speculate that Bonnie and Clyde robbed the Old State Bank, it is known that once criminal gang, the Newton Boys, successfully robbed this bank in 1923.
The Newton Boys gang consisted of four brothers from Ulvade, Texas who robbed six trains and an estimated six-dozen banks between 1919 and 1924-resulting in an estimated total of stolen goods that exceeded the Dalton Gang and many others. 

In 1946, San Marcos was the subject of a federally-funded film called "Our Home Town." The Old State Bank is featured in the film, embedded below, around two-minute mark. The film shows lots of historic photos and video footage of the downtown area as it stood in 1946.
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