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Rose Hill Manor Parks and Museums is a children's museum-fit for all ages. Explore the lives of those who lived on the property from the 1740s-1960s as well as areas of Frederick County history. Our park includes the Manor House, a Log Cabin, the Carriage Museum, the Farm and Family Building, Historic Gardens, and two barns. Enjoy both the outdoors and our indoor interpretive spaces.

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In 1748, a German immigrant named Hans Peter Hoffman purchased this land (at the time around 225 acres) from land speculator Daniel Dulaney. Here he and his family built a log cabin, cleared more of the land each year, and grew crops such as wheat, oats, barley, and flax. Governor Thomas Johnson, the first official governor of Maryland after British rule, purchased the property from Hoffman in 1778. He gave the property to his daughter Ann Grahame as a wedding present. John and Ann Grahame built the manor house sometime around 1792 and lived here until John's death in 1833 and Ann's death in 1835.

Colonel John McPherson, Jr. took ownership of the property after John Grahame's death due to a mortgage on the property. From 1837-1852 the property changes over a few times until 1853 when David O. Thomas purchases the property and lives there through the Civil War until his death in 1876. Thomas' family sells the property in 1906 to real estate agent Noah Cramer who rents the property out for many years to tenant farmers.

Noah and his son James lease the manor house out to Agnes Rice who transforms the house into a tea room and inn. Her nieces Lydia and Clair operated the tea room for her until the early 1930s. Many of Frederick's socialites attended dinners and card games in the parlor and dining room and charity events for causes like the Red Cross were also held on the property.

Sometime after the Tea Room closed James Cramer brought his family to live at least partially during the year at Rose Hill. In 1957 his daughter Alice inherited the property. Part of the land was purchased to build Governor Thomas Johnson High School and the Coke a Cola Factory. In 1968 the remaining 46 acres was purchased by the Frederick County Commissioners for a park. In 1972 the Children's Museum of Rose Hill Manor opened its doors.