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Welcome to the New Canal Lighthouse! The Lighthouse is the education center for the Pontchartrain Conservancy whose mission is to drive environmental sustainability and stewardship through scientific research, education, and advocacy. The Lake Pontchartrain Basin is a 10,000 square mile watershed encompassing 16 Louisiana parishes. The land use of the region is both rural and urban and is the most densely populated region in Louisiana, including metro New Orleans and the state capital, Baton Rouge. It is one of the largest estuarine systems in the Gulf of Mexico containing over 22 essential habitats. The Basin's topography ranges from rolling woodlands in the north to coastal marshes in the south, with the 630 square mile Lake Pontchartrain as its centerpiece. Take our the New Canal Lighthouse Tour to learn about the Pontchartrain Basin, our coastal and water quality programs and the Lighthouse itself. To start press the Take Tour button on the app or web page.

After the tour, we hope you will consider becoming a volunteer, member or donating to LPBF. Without help from foundation members, community partners, and countless volunteers, none of this would be possible. Together we can achieve transformational outcomes that improve the basin for us now and for the future.

Please see the links below for more information on how to become a member, donate and/or volunteer.

After the tour don't hesitate to ask our volunteers and staff any questions you might have. If you are going through the tour off site, send us an email at Thank you so much for coming and please enjoy the tour.