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Buttonwoods Museum

Created by Buttonwoods Museum on February 3rd 2016, 1:48:05 pm.

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Established as the Haverhill Historical Society in 1897, the Buttonwoods Museum is today named for the buttonwood, or sycamore, trees planted on the property in the 1740s. The museum is situated on a hill overlooking the Merrimack River and is comprised of historic landscape, a riverside trail, and several historic structures: the 1710 John Ward House, the 1814 Duncan House, and the 1859 Daniel Hunkins Shoe Shop. The buildings are listed collectively on the National Register of Historic Places as the Haverhill Historical Society Historic District. In addition to the historic buildings and their contents, the museum holds a collection of Native American artifacts (the Frederick A. Luce Collection), the Moody Collection, and a large collection of shoes and shoemaking tools documenting Haverhill's long history of shoemaking that culminated in the city gaining the moniker of "Queen Slipper City" in the nineteenth century.