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The University of California, Santa Barbara campus has a wide variety of outdoor sculptures and visual art pieces located throughout the main campus. Many of the art pieces are located near the Art, Design & Architecture Museum, which is where this virtual tour begins. The Museum is centrally located on campus, near the base of the iconic Storke Tower (the tallest structure on campus). When visiting the UCSB campus, parking can be limited and there is always a fee, so plan accordingly. Also of note if visiting for the first time, bicyclists and skateboarders have the right-of-way in their designated paths; look carefully when crossing bike paths during your walking tour.

Sky, Plant, Building, Tree

The plaza in front of the Art, Design & Architecture Museum is the starting point for this tour. The first 8 stops on the tour are all within the Arts Building complex, and easily accessible along paved paths. As you walk through the building courtyards, you will notice other pieces of art, some permanent and some temporary. Throughout the school year, some art classes allow for displays of art which incorporate the walls, stairwells, courtyards, and other features of the building into various artworks.

Art and design pieces are part of the outdoor spaces: a pergola in the Museum courtyard was designed as part of the Smith and Williams exhibit in 2014 and creates a shady spot to sit; the large picnic table in the Art History courtyard was designed by a former student; benches and lounge chairs are also sculptural pieces of art. And throughout campus there are many signs, plaques, and informational panels describing various historical and artistic points of interest.

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